Transforming Prepaid Programs with Tebca and Bonus AlimentaciĆ³n

We were entrusted with the launch and implementation of Tebca, a private company specializing in prepaid programs. Our focus was on developing and marketing the groundbreaking Bonus AlimentaciĆ³n, the first prepaid Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card in Latin America.

  • Brand: Introducing BONUS
    • Brand Identity: Created a strong and distinctive brand identity for Bonus AlimentaciĆ³n.
    • Product Offering: Developed and launched Bonus AlimentaciĆ³n, a rechargeable electronic card aimed at providing food benefits.
  • Agency Role and Services:
    • Name Generation: Crafted a captivating and memorable brand name.
    • Product Design: Designed an innovative and user-friendly EBT card.
    • B2B and B2C Programs: Developed cross-channel programs targeting both businesses and consumers.
    • Advertising and Activations: Executed comprehensive mainstream and digital advertising campaigns.
    • PR and Brand Awareness: Generated buzz and engagement through strategic activations and public relations efforts.
  • Target Markets: Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Mexico. Successfully launched Bonus AlimentaciĆ³n in these key markets.
  • Clients:
    NOVOPAYMENT / BONUS AlimentaciĆ³n
  • Category:
    BrandingPhotographyWeb Design
  • Date:
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