SAMBIL VISA | Prepaid Card

A Successful Launch and Follow-up Campaign

  • Our Agency’s Role: Our agency played a pivotal role in developing and executing the launching and follow-up campaigns for SAMBIL-VISA, in collaboration with Servitebca. The nationwide campaign, implemented in various SAMBIL properties across Venezuela, aimed to raise awareness and drive adoption of the card. Our integrated approach utilized multiple marketing channels to effectively communicate the convenience and benefits of SAMBIL-VISA, empowering customers to enjoy premier shopping, dining, entertainment, and more.
    • Brand: SAMBIL-VISA, a private label prepaid card issued by SAMBIL
    • Partnership: Collaboration with Servitebca, a local subsidiary of Novopayment
  • Launching and Follow-up Campaigns:
    • Objective: To create awareness and drive adoption of SAMBIL-VISA card
    • Nationwide Implementation: Campaign executed in various SAMBIL properties across the country
  • Integrated Campaign Approach:
    • Multi-Channel Strategy: Utilizing diverse marketing channels to reach target audiences effectively
    • Creative Messaging: Communicating the benefits and convenience of SAMBIL-VISA for shopping, dining, entertainment, and more
  • Key Takeaways:
    1. Successful collaboration between us, SAMBIL, and Servitebca in launching and promoting SAMBIL-VISA.
    2. Nationwide campaign implementation in SAMBIL properties, ensuring broad exposure and reach.
    3. Focus on highlighting the value and advantages of SAMBIL-VISA for a premier shopping and entertainment experience.
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    SAMBIL Visa | Prepaid Card
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