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Revolutionizing Financial Inclusion with PLATA Servitebca

Following the success of Tebca, we expanded our impact by creating and launching an innovative line extension. PLATA Servitebca (Prepaid Card) was born to address the needs of both companies and underserved, unbanked communities.

  • Brand: Introducing PLATA Servitebca
    • Brand Identity: Crafted a compelling and trustworthy brand identity for PLATA Servitebca.
    • Product Offering: Launched a range of reloadable prepaid accounts/cards to empower companies and unbanked individuals.
  • PLATA Products:
    • PLATA Gas: Designed specifically for companies seeking a low-cost instrument to manage their cash flow efficiently.
    • PLATA Guardería: Catering to the needs of unbanked citizens, providing a convenient way to handle day-to-day expenses.
    • PLATA Viáticos: Streamlining travel expenses for businesses, offering a practical solution for managing travel-related costs.
    • PLATA Procura: Enabling individuals to conveniently schedule recurring payments for essential services.
    • PLATA Juguetes: Helping families provide for their children’s toy purchases through an accessible prepaid account.
    • PLATA Útiles Escolares: Facilitating educational expenses by offering a simple and efficient solution for school supplies.
  • Agency Role and Services:
    • Name Generation: Developed captivating and meaningful names for each PLATA product.
    • Product Design: Ensured user-friendly and visually appealing designs for the PLATA accounts/cards.
    • B2B and B2C Programs: Created comprehensive cross-channel programs to cater to both businesses and consumers.
    • Advertising and Activations: Executed impactful mainstream and digital advertising campaigns.
    • PR and Brand Awareness: Fostered engagement and brand recognition through strategic activations and public relations efforts.
  • Target Markets: Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Mexico: Successfully introduced PLATA Servitebca to these strategic markets, catering to the diverse needs of companies and unbanked communities.
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