Case Studies

Shell Venezuela rolled out a major advertising campaign for its Unleaded fuel in the Venezuelan market, focusing on educating customers about the benefits of using unleaded fuel. We created a campaign that featured outdoor and retail content, such as in-store communication, collateral materials, internet banners, and press ads.

We were the 1st Venezuelan advertising agency selected to create and produce the 1st integrated campaign for Nike Woman. It challenged women to understand the value of training to become stronger and more confident. The campaign featured nation wide press & magazine ads, outdoors, retail marketing, and internet banners.

UNICEF Venezuela conducted a program to define the special areas that the country needed to work on. Our agency created a campaign, part of broader efforts by UNICEF in partnership with the World Bank and the World Health Organization, to promote the ongoing results of the program in a national and regional level, integrating the messages in popular TV and radio programs, billboards, posters, leaflets, community meetings and events with local leaders, to increase public awareness of simple ways to help children be safe and reach good health and nutrition, good water and sanitation, quality basic education and protection from violence, exploitation, and AIDS.

In May 2008, our partner María E. Pardo was appointed as Marketing Chair of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce with the main goals to develop the branding guidelines for the Chamber, to generate marketing materials under brand guidelines, to create a summary of benefits for consistent messaging to facilitate sales process, and to enhance and maintain the operation of the Chamber’s web site and electronic communications. Pardo invited the whole team to help her reach the goal in 90 days. Results? The Chamber’s businesses increased even during the recession times.

For the Adolfo Ibanez School of Management located in Miami, Florida. We promoted the Multinational MBA program and the Innovation and Entrepreneur Institute, within South Florida Business Community with punctual campaigns that features press ads, email marketing and events. These communications, developed both in English and Spanish, ran in local newspapers, magazines, and radio stations.

For the National Hispanic Landscape Alliance, we created their brand manual and their launching campaign. As the first landscape association focused in serving Hispanic workers, we had to create a solid brand that could communicate their mission: to inform, encourage, and support its members so that they can become highly successful professionals, better-engaged leaders, and more effective advocates. We also assisted in the creation of the brand positioning statement and taglines, and developed the brand architecture, the visual guidelines, and nomenclature.